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  • 수분영양

    We’re here to make it easy to focus on brewing. Pro pitches are made-to-order, yielding the freshest, healthiest yeast at the height of its performance. Brewers order by pitch rate and batch size for precise counts, transparent pricing and overall consistency. Any strain, in any quantity, at any time of year is custom propped fresh for your brew in 7-10 days. We carry all the strains you’re used to working with and the innovative strains you’d like to.

  • 피부진정

    We are passionately in support of local craft. We want to make sure brewers can spend as much time brewing as possible, refining recipes and experimenting with new beer styles. We are unified in our purpose of growing fresh, healthy and metabolically strong yeast and innovating strains and blends that are consistently working for you. To your garages!

  • 밸런스조절

    Interested in adding Omega Yeast to your homebrew shop? We are here to support you and your customers. We make it easy to order with low minimums, vigorously fermenting pitches, and unique strains!


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